Health Tips

Nuts Linked With Lower Cancer, Diabetes Risks

Nuts are on the "hot" list of healthy foods due to several studies that have linked them with a range of health benefits. One study found that eating nuts is associated with a lower risk of some cancers and type 2 diabetes, another study linked nut consumption with a...

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18 Keys to Healthy Weight Loss

Fad diets tend to have lots of very restrictive or complex rules, which give the impression that they carry scientific heft, when, in reality, the reason they often work (at least in the short term) is that they simply eliminate entire food groups, so you...

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Serenity Now!

How Meditation can help restore your inner peace and enhance your overall health and well-being. What do you think of when you hear the word "meditation"? For some people, the word evokes and image of a long-haired yogi sitting cross-legged and chanting "Ommmm". While...

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